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The Social Program – Port Wine

Symposium comes from the Greek word sympósion, meaning a “convivial gathering of the educated”, from syn– “together” + posis “a drinking”. Although the sense of “meeting on some subject” is from the late 18th century, the word nevertheless describes the Greek fondness for mixing wine and intellectual discussion [1].

This description could not fit better the idea of naming CAMUSS a symposium and hosting it in the city of Oporto, home of Port wine.

To guarantee that CAMUSS will bring together a strong scientific reunion and a perfect opportunity to network and, at the same time, to have a flavor of Oporto’s history, the social program will be entirely dedicated to Port wine.

Symposium Dinner

Registration for accompanying persons and participants without dinner until November 5!

The Symposium dinner will be offered at the cellar district in Vila Nova de Gaia, in the left bank of the Douro River, right across the downtown UNESCO heritage site of  the Historical Centre of Oporto, where we will have the chance of tasting some Port wines and to get to know in deep the complexity of this wine.

The Symposium dinner is open to accompanying persons.

Participants who have not the Symposium dinner included in their registration package and accompanying persons may register for the Symposium dinner at ACIV online store, using a secure service via PayPal®.

Scientific and Leisure Visit

Registration until November 8!

The social program will include a full day (on Sunday 11) spent visiting the vineyards in the upper Douro valley, the first region of controlled denomination in the world created back in the 18th century, and another UNESCO heritage site for the unique and impressive humanized landscape of the vineyards, where we will visit some of the most acclaimed producing vineyards and wineries in the valley, with more wine tastings. We will get to know in deep the geography of this region and the evolution of the industry of Port since immemorial times.

The visit is open to accompanying persons.

Participants and accompanying persons may register for the visit at ACIV online store, using a secure service via PayPal®. Registration includes the lunch at one of the vineyards.

The visit is not included in any registration package. All participants who want to participate in the visit must register for it.















[1] Based on the Online Etymology Dictionary entry.