Cellular Automata Modeling for Urban and Spatial Systems


Modelling Urban Development with Geographical Information Systems and Cellular Automata



Modelling Urban Development with Geographical Information Systems and Cellular Automata, Yan Liu, CRC Press (Taylor & Francis Group), 186 Pages

The book presents a detailed overview about the use of CA in urban modeling. It addresses all the key topics of CA in detail, presenting many detailed analysis of the coupling of other modeling concepts and techniques with CA. It also presents case study applications of CA models in Australia.




Geosimulation: Automata-based modeling of urban phenomena, Itzhak Benenson, Paul Torrens, ISBN: 978-0-470-84349-9, 312 pages, July 2004

Geosimulation is a comprehensive textbook about automata based modeling of urban phenomena. It first present a very detailed introduction about urban modeling and systems theory. The book has a detailed presentation about the theory of CA and the development of many applications that are illustrative of the simulation capacities of the concept. The book ends with an epistemology of geosimulation.


Cities and Complexity


Cities and complexity: understanding cities with cellular automata, agent-based models, and fractals by M Batty; MIT Press, Cambridge, MA, 2005, 565 pages, ISBN 0 262 025833

Cities and Complexity is a great book that presents a part of the work of Michael Batty in urban modeling. It provides a deep introduction on the topic and then presents the theory and the development of many types of models and their applications. CA is one of the central topics of the book as their key concepts are discussed in many different aspects throughout the book . You can find a review published in EPB by David O’Sullivan here.